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End-to-End Functionality.

There is so much software out there for Administering a Non-Profit such as Donors and Volunteers. But, when you are serious, you need a software for automating your Cause. You need Beneficiary data connected with Administration data such as Inventory Management, Case Management, Standard Operating Procedures. is a Serious Software for Serious Non-Profits.

Simple to Use, Rich in Action, Powerfully Engineered, and Slow-Baked by experienced Non-Profit Staff.

  • Being native to Salesforce platform and integrated with its screen navigation, is Simple to Use and Intuitive to Work.

  • Your Donors and Volunteer management goes on steroids using’s Rich-in-Action Process Flow.

  • For Serious Non-Profits, is Powerfully Engineered to include Cause-related features like Inventory Management, Case Management, and Standard Operating Procedures.

Built Native on Salesforce Platform

Utilize Most Trusted Platform by Non-Profits

Seamlessly Loads and Integrates Data

Have your Administrative and Cause Related Data Together

For Your Cause and Mission

We do the technology. You do your Cause.

Affordable by All Non-Profits

Just starting, or been there for a decade, you can afford ALL of it.

All in Cloud. Artificial Intelligence AI-Enabled. Exclusive for NonProfits. is designed to be a Native Application to Salesforce platform. It is an All-in-the-Cloud Technology; meaning, no software to be installed on your laptop. You can install our from AppExchange into your Salesforce account. Please contact us at if you do not have a Salesforce account.

With much data being stored in your Salesforce account, our programs utilize components of Artificial Intelligence algorithms that make recommendations and bring forward patterns for your review. This helps you to make informed decisions with little boost of intelligence from our AI-enabled Salesforce App. pre-Installs Dashboards that take advantage of the data that already exists in your Salesforce.

Easy to understand
Graphs, Charts, and Tables.

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Make Yours

By adding features that you need, you can have to be ready to use for your Non-Profit.


As part of the Salesforce program, get the Free NPSP (NonProfit Success Pack) and install on top of it.

20 Years of Software

Our team has been developing Software for more than 20 Years. is one of our master pieces.

Only for Non-Profits

Our team works only with Non-Profits and the software is developed only with Non-Profits in mind.

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